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Mountainland Kitchen & Bath proudly offers Custom Jetted Tubzz brand products in our store.

At the present time, these products are not included on our web site for online shopping.

Contact a Mountainland Kitchen & Bath sales associate at 800-666-5434 or visit one of our locations for additional information on our in store selection of Custom Jetted Tubzz products.

In 1995, Darren Green envisioned a high quality jetted bathtub at a reasonable cost. In order for Darren to fulfill his idea TurboTubs was created. Turbo Tubs would purchase previously manufactured tub shells and retrofit the shells with a customized jet system. TurboTubs was so successful that within five years, Tyler Twiggs opened a second store, Dixie Tubs, in St. George , Utah . In order to avoid confusion and establish name recognition TurboTubs and Dixie Tubs combined to become Custom Jetted Tubzz. The increase of business led to construction of a new manufacturing facility in Lindon, Utah, which was completed in October of 2001. The new facility allows Custom Jetted Tubzz to produce exceptional jetted tubs in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Operating our own production facility has allowed us to have greater control of the quality of product and lowered production time. We at Custom Jetted Tubzz, take great pride in producing one of the finest jetted tubs available today. We are committed to producing only the finest products and making sure that customers who purchase one of our fine tubs will recognize our dedication to quality, service, and value.