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Mountainland Kitchen & Bath proudly offers Danco brand products in our store.

At the present time, these products are not included on our web site for online shopping.

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Our History Our Heritage Danco is one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement and remodel suppliers in the home improvement industry. We are largely focused on empowering Do It Yourself consumers with affordable plumbing products and solutions which create new and refreshing décors for bathrooms and kitchens. Danco was founded by Daniel P. Creed, who started the Daniel P. Creed Co. in 1933 in Pennsylvania. In the early 1970s, Danco was created as an arm of the Creed Co. In 1972, Daniel P. Creed Co. was purchased by NCH, a global supplier of maintenance, repair and supply products. NCH also purchased Aqua Plumbing, a company which sold under the brand Perfect Match. In 1995, the companies embarked on a strategic initiative to consolidate the brands and unify their operations and sales forces. Subsequently, Danco became the leading brand for consumer goods, and Perfect Match was added as a tagline to help unify the companies in the eyes of their joint customers. The DIY Movement During the 1970s, the Do It Yourself industry emerged as an answer for homeowners who were becoming increasingly willing to tackle home improvements themselves.Consumers everywhere found that they enjoyed these money-saving DIY projects. This movement was answered by the formation of retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s which focused on home improvement goods for the entire home. Danco enjoyed remarkable growth as the DIY movement became a part of the mainstream. As the result, Danco is now the industry leader in plumbing repair products for DIY projects. We have reached this end through dedication to new and exciting products at fair price points. Danco is one of the rare companies to sell under the same brand in multiple major home improvement and hardware stores. Our innovative product solutions and manufacturing expertise make the brand a trusted resource for plumbing repair and replacement parts at retailers nationwide. A Fearless Spirit For more than 35 years, Danco has continually evolved as a company. We are proud to have seamlessly shifted with the ups and downs of the plumbing retail industry, all while leading the way with innovative new products for our customers. The company has a fearless and tenacious spirit with an “anything is possible” attitude. Danco is constantly challenging our employees to find new, inventive solutions to simplify plumbing replacement projects. With our amazing retail partners like Home Depot and Lowe’s, we will always strive to offer products which are right for their shoppers. We challenge ourselves every single day to innovate and create better solutions for both our retail customers and their shoppers. And as we continue to evolve as a company, excellent quality and service at an affordable price will always be at the top of our list of priorities.